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Driven by the desire to redefine the concept of low-cost housing, APEC Homes focuses its efforts on building aesthetically appealing residential units and offering them at values much affordable to the aspiring Filipino family. Since its establishment in 1997 and after over 30,000 homes sold, the company continues to prove its worth as a housing partner through constant transformation of untapped lands into ideal residential communities. Because it is every family’s hope to dwell in a safe, convenient, and comfortable environment , it is in turn the company’s perpetual mission to ensure that each step is taken to fulfill that hope. APEC Homes is known for constructing communities strategically, taking into consideration what each family yearns for to enable the achievement of full satisfaction. With this intricate understanding of what constitutes a desirable household, the company has since been identified with homes that promote the growth and fulfillment of families and communities alike. Truly, building homes, building lives.

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