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Formerly known as Philippine Cocoa Estates Corporation, the company was acquired by the Wellex Group in 1996 and was renamed Philippine Estates Corporation. Prior to acquisition, PCEC already a public listed firm, produced and supplied the cocoa beans used as raw materials in factories. With the continued softening of prices of cocoa products in the world market, and with vast landholdings, the company changed business to real estate to take advantage of the upsurge in real estate and to give better value to stockholders. In 1996, the company was officially renamed Philippine Estates Corporation. CORPORATE VISION To become a world-class real estate developer utilizing state-of-the-art design and technology to build developments and communities of the highest quality and value, thereby enhancing the environment and well-being of the Filipino. MISSION STATEMENT Gear its people and resources to become the most competitive, cost-efficient, high-quality community developer using the most modern design, system, technology and materials. Seek to develop balanced’ ecological and environment-friendly communities. Establish global and local strategic alliances for world-class community planning, urban development, marketing techniques, sourcing of critical materials, design and technology transfer. Support community and government programs in pursuit of excellence and improving the quality of life of each Filipino. Provide opportunities for professional growth as well as promote teamwork among employees.

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