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PHirst Park Homes. A First That Lasts. With over 30 years of leadership in innovative developments and pioneering projects of distinct luxury and stature, Century Properties Group Inc. has been at the forefront in providing the market a haven where comfort and convenience merge. Over time, the demand for economic and socialized housing has risen, and that’s why Century Properties is extending its distinct presence in First Home Community Living. PHirst Park Homes is the first venture of Century Properties Group Inc. into the affordable housing segment. Our aim is to not only provide affordable quality homes but also be the first solid foundation for your family. To live in a community that values a balanced life, encourages creativity and good health, builds relationships and lasting memories, because PHirst believes that every homeowner deserves to take pride not only in where they live but also how they live. PHirst is committed to deliver excellence above the current standard of affordable housing, providing you quality living in a secured community. Each asset of PHirst was carefully planned providing flexibility to expand the structure of your house alongside future plans for the family. Your PHirst home is a legacy that can be passed on from generation to generation.


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