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PTR Properties, Inc. is one of the country’s most innovative real estate developers that offer affordable and quality projects chiefly catering low dense and exclusive communities. After our registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 23, 2004, we began to carve our name in the competitive niche of medium-rise category of real estate development after the completion of our modern design condominiums in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. We continue to broaden our perspectives in providing Filipinos with the built-to-last homes under the leadership of Peter Y. Ty and its top management with our first subdivision in Lipa City, Batangas, and has since been regarded as the trailblazer in the usage of Modern Asian design for low-dense subdivisions. To date, two major subdivision projects are slated to provide more affordable and elegant residential units to deserving Filipino families. We are also the first to introduce Shotcrete technology in the Philippines, a type of technology mainly used overseas roads, bridges, dams, and tunnels. Through this technology, our houses are reinforced with pure plastered concrete that is applied with immense pressure, making foundations sturdier and the lifespan of the house longer compared to known conventional house-building techniques. Now on its 10th year, PTR Properties, Inc. has grown to its original four-man team to a strong and adequate workforce, and has nurtured steady ties with its trusted sales partners, building not only homes for the Filipino families but also a welcoming and compelling work environment that caters to the career growth of its employees. Our commitment in giving Filipino families the house they deserve does not stop with the completion of each project that we launch. We offer continuous supervision with our properties by providing a competent team of property managers who make sure that each of the properties is well-kept, safe and sound. By considering the ideal location, the innovative design, and the finest quality of homes that could address the ever-evolving lifestyle of Filipinos, PTR Properties, Inc. is dedicated to live up to these four elements to uphold our rock-solid commitment in providing the best home value to every Filipino family in the coming years.

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