Reignwood Development Corporation

Fueled by its vision to provide quality and affordable homes not only to the premium market but also to the lower middle class segment, Reignwood Development Corporation (RDC), with its numerous projects, continues to transform the lives of many Filipinos. The Company was incorporated and registered on April 25, 2014 with the Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC). In its early years of operations, RDC has obtained a significant and steady increase in its yearly sales figures. Despite stiff competition from similar start up developers, the Company has grown to building prime residential homes and pocket townhouse developments in and around Metro Manila – South. Each development area is structured in the Company’s pursuit for growth but at the same time responsive to the changing needs of the people in the community. RDC is committed to further develop and find new ways to build affordable quality homes and pursue new areas of development while creating and cultivating more mutually beneficial business opportunities with partners and clients who share the same vision of progress.

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