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Quality Homes You Can Afford Despite the country's booming economy that has seen consistent positive growth indicators for successive years, millions of Filipinos still do not have a place where they can truly call their home. At the latest count, the affordable or socialized housing backlog in the Philippines stands at over 5 million, a figure that even the country's biggest housing developers won't likely be able to address soon. Beyond the needed quantity is the fact that affordable houses need to be built with the quality and standards that reflect the dreams and aspirations of its owners. This is where Welmanville Development Corporation (WDC) comes in. In fact, this property developer has been in existence for almost 30 years, quietly chipping away that daunting housing backlog, but more importantly, providing quality-built homes in livable environments. After successfully transforming a 3-hectare property in Los Banos, Laguna in 1985, Welmanville Development Corporation founder Dennis R. Leveriza established the corporation in 1987 for the business of real estate development. The corporation's first project was the 3-hectare Welmanville 1 in Tayabas, Quezon. Welmanville Development Corporation's flagship project, however, is the sprawling 22-hectare Leveriza Heights. Home to more than 1,000 families living in various types of housing units for over a decade now, Leveriza Heights has enough room to grow some more, with an additional 1,000 homes already being built. Other notable Welmanville Development Corporation projects include Tagaytay Hampton Villas, which highlight the company's ability for building beautiful vacation homes, and Southgate Subdivision. Welmanville Development Corporation has also gone to the far south and is currently developing a 17-hectare Cagayan de Oro community, Monte Cielo Heights, with a sister company. How does Welmanville Development Corporation keep the costs of its projects down, and still maintain the quality of its houses? Leveriza explained, “We keep costs down through legal tax exemptions, such as BOI income tax holidays and other government incentives. We also do our own marketing.” And as a result, Leveriza adds, “Our houses have better quality, and better workmanship at lower prices.” Being in existence for nearly three decades, Welmanville Development Corporation, through its founder, knows in what direction it should take to create the most impact not just in its market, but in society, in general. “We are actively communicating with other developers in our area, discussing real estate trends and regulations, and participating in groups that actively seek to improve the industry through communication and cooperation with government agencies and politicians,” Leveriza stressed. “We can improve the industry by collectively working on relaxing requirements and payment terms of our consumers, and at the same time work on researching new technology that would allow us to save costs and thus be able to construct more.” With that, the future of Welmanville Development Corporation is set towards expanding its horizons while enhancing its core strength. “We will continue developing our mass housing projects, and make some more vacation homes in tourist attractive areas. We may, in the future, establish commercial areas, memorial parks or market places as well, or may go into multiple socialized-housing projects,” Leveriza revealed.

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